Sunday, 10 March 2013

Quick and Easy Solutions of Sound Card Problems

When something goes wrong with the sound in our computer, we want it fixed, and fixed now. Whether it’s our favorite game we are playing, or that new multimedia application we just installed, we simply must have our sound.
When performing any troubleshooting procedure, always perform the basic procedures before you remove that device. Its good to look at your sound card and become familiar with its location, the type of slot it is inserted into or if it is motherboard integrated.

Carefully take note of any cable, connections on or near the sound card. Sound Card audio loss is no fun when you are so used to multimedia sound blasting out of those super woofers.
Follow these procedures as a guideline to correcting sound card woes. Be sure to consult the sound card or computer manual for actual repair procedures.
First: you check to see if the speakers have power. Don't take this for granted. It does happen that the speakers have no power or the volume was turned down.
Second: Check to audio cables that connect the speakers to the computer. Check to be sure these cables are secure and that the audio connector at the rear of the system unit is inserted into the right connector. These connections are color coded on new cards.

Third: Check the possibility that your speakers may be on the blink. Although the speakers very rarely fail, it is a possibility that should not be overlooked.
Fourth: Before replacing the system unit cover, check and double check to see if the card is fully inserted into the PCI Slot. It’s a possibility the card may have created out of the slot if it was not properly secured to the case.
Fifth: After replacing the system unit cover, reconnecting all peripherals, and turning on the computer, check the Windows system folder to see if there are problems with the device drivers which are small software used to allow the sound card to communicate to the computer.
After you have performed these procedures and the sound card is not working at all, remove the card from the computer and try inserting in another system. As a last resort, you may be able to save the purchase of another card, when there was no need.

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