Thursday, 24 October 2013

How to post and delete tweets directly via e-mail in Twitter

Normally you can enter tweets via the app from anywhere directly to Twitter, there is also an option to tweet via email. This even comes with some advantages as it offers more
To begin, you must log in to the free service Twittermail. Head to the website twittermail and click “Sign in with Twitter” on the top left corner. In a new window, confirm the link by clicking “Authorise app”. On the next page, you can deactivate all the options for Twitter Counter from the Settings. Once done, click “Save and go”. Then, you will come to the dialog for “Twitter mail Settings”. The “Twittermail address” generated here is very important. Here you can take the suggested encrypted name or you can change the address in the field. However, please note that every email sent there would automatically generate a tweet in your profile in the future.
Also take note that, addresses that can be guessed easily, can lead to Spam in the tweets. You only have to enter your “Twitter password” when you want to forward images in your tweets. In the field
"Cut of phrase”, you can define a text that marks the end of the text to be forwarded in the email. With this, you can prevent the publishing of your signature too. You can also keep the field empty and use the two line breaks as end markers. With the Setting "Message body”, the combination field
“What to tweet” determines whether the message should be published on Twitter. You can also choose "Subject" for the subject line or for both. Copy the encrypted mail address in your address
book. Once the "Save settings" options is clicked, the service will be ready to use.

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

How to use the new stickers in Facebook chat

Other than small emoticons, there are also larger stickers available, which you can use in chat messages on Facebook. If you don't like the pre-installed ones, you can download more for free. To do this, open a chat dialog in the Facebook app. While you can insert the available emoticons via the plus sign to the left of the input field, there is a new smiley to access stickers to the right of the input field. The first set of stickers is already available.
The lower menu bar facilitates the access to the recently used stickers, different sticker collections as well as the purchase basket of sticker store. You can select more sticker sets here and download them free of cost via the arrow symbol. Scroll through the respective collection and click the sticker to send it in the current chat. Unlike the emoticons, the image is not inserted in the text, but separately and immediately without further confirmation. The whole thing is a rather amusing form of nudging via images. TIP On the Facebook website, the smiley is in the input field. The standard Smileys and a mini-selection of stickers are available here you can expand it as suggested via the Facebook app.

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

How to charge your battery free of risk via USB

Smartphones batteries have to be recharged often even while traveling. Handy USB ports used for recharging is now available almost everywhere; but it could also pose a risk. The USB connection to an external systems may result in data exchange. This is now common not just for PCs but also other devices.
Depending on the configuration of the smartphone and external system, it can lead to automatic connection – which you may not realise.
For example, photos may be uploading to a service like Dropbox in the background. On Android, there is a high possibility that malware may be installed on the device. Therefore, the safest thing to do is to switch off the smartphone completely before connecting it to the external USB port. If you want to or have to leave the device active, you should be careful while connecting and be aware if the
device is requesting for a mode. If it is, always select the option “Charge only”.
In Android's “Developer options” in the settings, be sure to check here whether “USB debugging” is deactivated. Also, be sure to go to the “Security” settings and deactivate the option “Unknown source” in order to prevent the installation of apps or malware from unreliable sources.

Monday, 21 October 2013

How to manage search engines access for Firefox on Android device

If you use Firefox on your Android device, you normally get hits from Google, Amazon, Twitter and Wikipedia when you search for a keyword. If you want to limit the search only to Google or want to extend it to other search engines like Yahoo, you do not have the option to manage the search engines
from the search box like on the PC.
The configuration of search engines is available in the add-ons menu. For this, open the settings of the app and the tap on "Extras" and then on “Addons”. Besides other possible extensions this list shows the set search engines where the aforementioned four search engines are integrated. In order to switch off any one of it, tap on it and then on “Deactivate” in the following dialog. With the same method, you can later reselect the search engines later by tapping on “Activate”. To insert additional search engines, tap on the icon to the right next to "Your Add-ons". Only in the following dialog, enter the search keyword as “Yahoo” or “Bing” in the field on the page and then tap on the green arrow. Search for the suitable add-on such as “Yahoo Search for Firefox Android” in the list. Then open the detailed display and tap on “Add to Firefox”. Confirm the request for the new search machine by selecting “Add”.

Sunday, 20 October 2013

How to set individual vibrate patterns for different callers in iPhone

While setting different ringtones for different contacts allows you to easily identify them, it doesn't quite help when your phone is set to silent mode during a meeting. With the iPhone, you can also set a different vibration pattern for each contact so that with some practice you can also tell who is calling. To do this, you have to first open the Contacts app and select the respective contact you want. Select “Edit” and search “Vibrate” in the menu, which is usually set to standard.
In the section "Normal”, there already some typical patterns available which you can select by clicking on them. If you want to personalise it further, you can also "Create a new vibration". You can easily create the sequence by specifying a scheme by selecting any of the grey areas on the screen in the desired time sequence. The compilation begins automatically with the first tap. Subsequently you can test the vibration with the option "Repeat" and, if required, "Record” it again. If you are happy with the sequence, select “Save” and give the vibration pattern a name. After that, this pattern will be immediately available in the menu for selection.

Saturday, 19 October 2013

How to solve vague BIOS messages during system start

If BIOS error messages constantly appear during startup and it seems like it doesn't have any effect on the operation of the system, it could probably be caused by the back-up battery that has run dry. Previously, this could be easily detected from the incorrect system time, but now, since this - as well as other settings - are synchronised over the Internet. It is no longer a reliable indicator.

Friday, 18 October 2013

How to solve the graphic cards problems when mounting and installation

Depending on what type of user you are, a performance graphics card is sometimes necessary, so that the latest games runs smoothly and with high quality. However, before buying, make sure to check whether your motherboard is compatible with the new card. Some high performance models actually take up the entire length of the PCIe slots even on a ATX sized motherboard. Therefore, you should make sure if it actually fits into your computer chassis. Sometimes the hard disk cages or the fan of the CPU and the cases can get in its way. These days, the connection technology will never be an issue: as the PCIe connection has been a standard that has been established for many years. However there are several different revisions. To ensure that the card performs to it fullest, you should compare the specifications of the motherboard and the graphics card before making a purchase. The installation is usually not critical. But older drivers can cause problems. So before you start working with driver removal tools, you should consider a clean reinstallation of the system. This often solves all the problems.

Thursday, 17 October 2013

How to increase the battery life of a mobile

Have you ever felt that the battery of your mobile phone or camera must be constantly recharged after a short while? This is actually because the performance of the battery reduces over time. Here are some power-saving measures for you to try out, so that you can prevent it from happening. With this, even smartphones can stay powered up for awhile longer. To improve the performance of the battery slightly better on your own: just simply charge and discharge the battery in repeated successions within a short time. Be sure to always completely discharge it but simultaneously do not leave it for the whole day or else it will total discharge and that could possibly make the battery unusable permanently. This tip is particularly handy for devices, whose batteries are not compatible or have already lost massive amounts of running time due to frequent short time charging.

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Useful tips for refilling toner cartridges

If you seriously want to save money by refilling your ink or toner cartridges yourself, here are a few basic rules you should follow to get yourself prepared. Make sure everything is ready before proceeding with the task, because nothing is more annoying than when you have to search for something with ink on your fingers. You will need: Disposable gloves, paper towels, window cleaner, stationery knife, disposable syringe with needles and a drip-resistance base so that the ink does not stain your table top during the process. Do not hesitate when it comes to refilling! As soon as the first light-colored stripes are seen on a print image you should get into action.

This is because empty cartridges dry up quickly, causing it to clog up very easily. As for Bubble Jet printers, the nozzles are cooled by the discharging ink. If the nozzles run dry the excessive heat can destroy them. Air also plays an important role while refilling: Of course the air must basically be cleaned out from the empty cartridge and the ink. However, do pay attention while refilling and make sure the cartridge is not filled to the brim and that there are no air bubbles in the syringe and later in the cartridge. Air bubbles can prevent the ink from discharging when it lies in front of the nozzle. Lodged air bubbles cannot be removed even if you use reduced or excessive pressure, as the air can compress and expand. Depending on the printer and cartridge model, there are additional hurdles like security chips or coding that you must deal with separately. Moreover, there can be slight variation in colors, light and abrasion resistance. So, firstly do check on the Internet to find out which refill method should be used and what are some of the things to take into account..
We are actually against the storage of refilled cartridges since these are or were opened before so they tend to dry out quickly. You can remove the rest of the ink residues on the hands by using soft soap(this can be found and purchased from a hardware store or pharmacy)

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

How to overcome problems of your keyboard

Every key on the standard keyboard handles over thousand of strokes - without making a mistake. Despite this fact, keyboards can start acting up but this is mainly because of external sources: Dust, crumbs, hair, cigarette ash, liquids and so on, which often falls into the spaces between the keys of the keyboard over the course of time. All these things affect the mechanics and can cause contact issues. If the keyboard is not working properly and it is not due to a drained battery and pinched or broken cable then the first you should do is shut down the computer and turnover the keyboard once and shake it vigorously so that the rough and loose particles will fall out. The next step is to clean it with a vacuum cleaner and upholstery nozzle. A possible film of dirt on the keys and frames can be removed with the normal wet wipes.