Friday, 5 April 2013

Easy Keyboard Shortcuts For Internet Web Browser Tabs

Here are a list of some useful keyboard shortcuts for internet web browser tabs

Open New Tab

Use CTRL + T to open New Tab in any Browser.

Close Browser Tab

Use CTRL + W to close any Tab in any Browser.

Go To Next Browser Tab

If you have open many Tabs in a browser window, than you can use CTRL + TAB key to view next open Tab.

Go To Previous Browser Tab

If you have open many Tabs in a browser window se CTRL + SHIFT + TAB key to view previous Tab.

Switch Between The Tabs

The formula is CTRL + n (where n is a Tab number from 1 to 8). For e.g. If you want to open Tab no. 4, then press CTRL + 4.

Even, If you have opened more than 9 Tabs in a browser, than pressing the CTRL + 9 will open the last Tab in the browser.

Note: Since there are only 9 numeric keys on your keyboard, that's why you cannot open Tab no. 10 or 11 and so on using this keyboard shortcut. But you can press CTRL + 8 and then use CTRL + TAB to go to next open Tab.

Re-Open Closed Browser Tab

If you accidently closed any browser tab and want to re-open it, than simply use CTRL + SHIFT + T. (Cool Isn't It)

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