Sunday, 14 April 2013

How to Speed up Windows Startup Time by disabling Unwanted Softwares

Many times we install some software's which we don't use frequently but they start every time we start windows. We can disable these software's and speed up the startup time of our system.
Here is the process to speed up our startup time:

1. In Win XP -- Click Start Menu, then click RUN, type msconfig.exe and click OK. In Win Vista / 7 -- Click Start Menu and type msconfig.exe at the search box and click Enter key.
2. Click Startup Tab at the System Configuration utility to see the list of all the programs / software which loads when you turn on your PC.
3. The programs which are marked with Tick mark are the ones which starts automatically at Startup.
4. You have to carefully take a look at each and every program in the list and have to uncheck those programs which are useless.
 5. Find below some tips which you can follow in order to identify the programs which you shouldn't disable at all.
     Anything started with or contains Microsoft, Don't Disable it
     Anything started with or contains Intel / AMD, Don't Disable It
     Anything started with or contains the name of the Antivirus / Antispyware / Firewall / Security programs which is installed in your computer, Don't Disable It
     Anything started with or contains name of your computer Brand (HP, Lenovo, DELL, etc.), don’t Disable It.
     Anything started with or contains a word Driver, Don't Disable It
6. After that, see other programs and think for a while, do you really need that software to be started at Startup Time.
7. Decide carefully and click Apply and then OK.
8. It will ask you to Restart your PC. Restart it and then hopefully you will find a difference. (If you disable many programs at once only)
This way you can speedup startup time of your system.

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