Wednesday, 17 April 2013

5 Useful Online Document Converters

People need to convert documents as they require various formats for different needs. Here is a list of online utilities which will help you to convert your documents online.
You can upload a File or Enter a URL to convert files from and choose the required file format. A download link is sent to your E-Mail address from which you can download the Files. You can also upload files and view them Online using this website. You can use this online Document Converter for Converting as well as for Just viewing the Documents online.
Free File Converter can Convert Files Uploaded upto 300MB. It supports almost every type of Document to Convert to and from. You can check the Supported Formats on the Website. To convert the files you just have to upload the document and then provide the requireed option for output format in which you want to download the Converted document and click convert at the end. This website also supports URL file converting.
Using this Online Document Converters you can Convert, Store or E-Mail the documents you have converted. But storing the files needs to be registered on website. You can convert 3 documents per week for a particular IP address in case not registered and 15 if registered. To convert more you have to go Premium.
4) Zamzar
Zamzar can be called as the combination of the Online Document Converters CometDocs and Free File Converters. Because it uses the features from both websites. You can convert the Files from URL as well as by uploading them and you can also store them if you want but only if you are a registered user.
This is one of the effective document converters. You can convert  Video, Audio, Image, Documents, E-Books, Archives and even Hash files. But other File formats are quite Big in Size then I will recommend you to Download them first and Convert them using Softwares at your Own Computer. You can Convert Files from the DOC,DOCX, Flash, HTML, ODT, PDF, RTF and even to Text file formats to one another.

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