Monday, 15 April 2013

How to insert a hyperlink in MS Word's footer section

Here is a way to insert a hyperlink in MS Word:

1. Open the MS Word.

2. Now insert header and footer in the word document.

3. Now go to the footer and type a web address or any other thing which you want to hyperlink.

4. Now select the object which you want to hyperlink and go to insert menu click on hyperlink, and link the selected object to a desired  address.

5. In the word document this hyperlink will not work  in footer section. But it will work in a PDF file format.

6. Now save this document in PDF format.

6. Now open the PDF file and the Hyperlink in bottom section will work.

This is the only way through which Hyperlink works in footer section, you can easily hyperlink a table of content or other things in your document with the rest of document.


  1. There is a bug in Word when converting documents to PDF. Hyperlinks in headers or footers are inactive in the PDF, unless they are actual paths (such as which will be clickable.

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