Monday, 1 April 2013

How to Know When Windows was Installed on Computer

Due to some requirement if you want to know exactly when you installed Windows on your computer, than their is a way to find it. Their is no direct method to know the exact date, that's why you have to use command prompt to find the answer.
1. Click Start Menu

2. If you are using Win XP than click Run, type cmd and press Enter OR in Windows 7 / Vista just type cmd at the search box and press Enter.
3. A Command Prompt box will open.
4. Now copy below command exactly the way it is and then paste it at the Command Prompt box.

systeminfo | find "Original Install Date"
Note- CRT+V command does not work in command window so
Right Click at the Command Prompt box and select Paste.
5. It will take few seconds to load the information.
6. And finally it will show you the Installation Date and Time.
This method works in all the version of Windows, including Windows 8.


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