Sunday, 20 October 2013

How to set individual vibrate patterns for different callers in iPhone

While setting different ringtones for different contacts allows you to easily identify them, it doesn't quite help when your phone is set to silent mode during a meeting. With the iPhone, you can also set a different vibration pattern for each contact so that with some practice you can also tell who is calling. To do this, you have to first open the Contacts app and select the respective contact you want. Select “Edit” and search “Vibrate” in the menu, which is usually set to standard.
In the section "Normal”, there already some typical patterns available which you can select by clicking on them. If you want to personalise it further, you can also "Create a new vibration". You can easily create the sequence by specifying a scheme by selecting any of the grey areas on the screen in the desired time sequence. The compilation begins automatically with the first tap. Subsequently you can test the vibration with the option "Repeat" and, if required, "Record” it again. If you are happy with the sequence, select “Save” and give the vibration pattern a name. After that, this pattern will be immediately available in the menu for selection.

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