Tuesday, 22 October 2013

How to charge your battery free of risk via USB

Smartphones batteries have to be recharged often even while traveling. Handy USB ports used for recharging is now available almost everywhere; but it could also pose a risk. The USB connection to an external systems may result in data exchange. This is now common not just for PCs but also other devices.
Depending on the configuration of the smartphone and external system, it can lead to automatic connection – which you may not realise.
For example, photos may be uploading to a service like Dropbox in the background. On Android, there is a high possibility that malware may be installed on the device. Therefore, the safest thing to do is to switch off the smartphone completely before connecting it to the external USB port. If you want to or have to leave the device active, you should be careful while connecting and be aware if the
device is requesting for a mode. If it is, always select the option “Charge only”.
In Android's “Developer options” in the settings, be sure to check here whether “USB debugging” is deactivated. Also, be sure to go to the “Security” settings and deactivate the option “Unknown source” in order to prevent the installation of apps or malware from unreliable sources.

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