Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Useful tips for refilling toner cartridges

If you seriously want to save money by refilling your ink or toner cartridges yourself, here are a few basic rules you should follow to get yourself prepared. Make sure everything is ready before proceeding with the task, because nothing is more annoying than when you have to search for something with ink on your fingers. You will need: Disposable gloves, paper towels, window cleaner, stationery knife, disposable syringe with needles and a drip-resistance base so that the ink does not stain your table top during the process. Do not hesitate when it comes to refilling! As soon as the first light-colored stripes are seen on a print image you should get into action.

This is because empty cartridges dry up quickly, causing it to clog up very easily. As for Bubble Jet printers, the nozzles are cooled by the discharging ink. If the nozzles run dry the excessive heat can destroy them. Air also plays an important role while refilling: Of course the air must basically be cleaned out from the empty cartridge and the ink. However, do pay attention while refilling and make sure the cartridge is not filled to the brim and that there are no air bubbles in the syringe and later in the cartridge. Air bubbles can prevent the ink from discharging when it lies in front of the nozzle. Lodged air bubbles cannot be removed even if you use reduced or excessive pressure, as the air can compress and expand. Depending on the printer and cartridge model, there are additional hurdles like security chips or coding that you must deal with separately. Moreover, there can be slight variation in colors, light and abrasion resistance. So, firstly do check on the Internet to find out which refill method should be used and what are some of the things to take into account..
We are actually against the storage of refilled cartridges since these are or were opened before so they tend to dry out quickly. You can remove the rest of the ink residues on the hands by using soft soap(this can be found and purchased from a hardware store or pharmacy)

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