Thursday, 24 October 2013

How to post and delete tweets directly via e-mail in Twitter

Normally you can enter tweets via the app from anywhere directly to Twitter, there is also an option to tweet via email. This even comes with some advantages as it offers more
To begin, you must log in to the free service Twittermail. Head to the website twittermail and click “Sign in with Twitter” on the top left corner. In a new window, confirm the link by clicking “Authorise app”. On the next page, you can deactivate all the options for Twitter Counter from the Settings. Once done, click “Save and go”. Then, you will come to the dialog for “Twitter mail Settings”. The “Twittermail address” generated here is very important. Here you can take the suggested encrypted name or you can change the address in the field. However, please note that every email sent there would automatically generate a tweet in your profile in the future.
Also take note that, addresses that can be guessed easily, can lead to Spam in the tweets. You only have to enter your “Twitter password” when you want to forward images in your tweets. In the field
"Cut of phrase”, you can define a text that marks the end of the text to be forwarded in the email. With this, you can prevent the publishing of your signature too. You can also keep the field empty and use the two line breaks as end markers. With the Setting "Message body”, the combination field
“What to tweet” determines whether the message should be published on Twitter. You can also choose "Subject" for the subject line or for both. Copy the encrypted mail address in your address
book. Once the "Save settings" options is clicked, the service will be ready to use.

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