Monday, 18 February 2013

How to Change Your Processor Name

You can chage your processor name, using Windows Registry. For example my processor is P4 but when i open my system information in that it will Show Core 2 Duo. Changing the Name processor is just for Fun, and also first step of Learning
to Edit Registry.


1. Open your Registry : To open your Registry click Run > Regedit and click OK , it will popup a window called Registry Editor

2. In that on the left hand side you can see a tree structure in that click HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE

3. In that click Hardware > Description> System > CentralProcessor > 1

4. Now you can see many files in the right side, in that double click Processor Name String.After Clicking little Window Will Pop Up

5. In that Write the what ever wish for example core 2 duo, even your name ...etc

6. To chage again do the same....

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