Wednesday, 20 February 2013

How to increase Pen Drive speed?

The speed of  USB flash drive or pen drive can be increased more than two times by the following simple methods.Note that transfer rate is also depend upon the capacity of your usb pendrive and the brand.
Tips to increase usb flash drive speed :
1. Connect your pen drive to pc via USB
2. Open my computer then right click on the the drive letter of your pen drive, click properties.
3. Click on the hardware tab , select your pen drive then click properties .
4. In the new window click policies tab..
5. there you can find two options :

a. "optimize for quick removal " and
b."optimize for performance "
By default, it works on the first one.Change it to the second one. ie; select " optimize for performance " then click OK. After doing the first step, format your pen drive with NTFS file system simply by selecting format option in the drop down menu then select NTFS and format.

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