Wednesday, 22 May 2013

How to Arrange Apps as You Wish in Android

Android frequently shows installed apps in the alphabetical order in the app drawer. This makes searching through apps easier, but is not necessarily useful for everyone. A personal, individually adjusted sorting sequence is more sensible. Once you're in the app drawer, tap on the right or left (depending the model) upper part above the icons and select “Customizable grid” in the menu. You can change it back to “Alphabetical” if you wish. The version “Most used” brings your favorite apps to the front, but is less recommended since the sorting changes dynamically and can complicate access. Some launchers give you an option to create folders and categories your apps as you see fit. Others have options that can be
accessed using the Menu option from the Android action bar i.e. the symbol with three parallel lines. Here, you’ll able to thoroughly personalize the layout by dragging the app icons to their desired positions. Other symbols are re-ordered automatically as you do this. These features aren’t prevalent across Android UIs or launchers and each could have its own options to customize and sequence your apps.

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