Wednesday, 15 May 2013

How to Configure Auto-Complete in Internet Explorer

When you type in the address bar of Internet Explorer, some websites that you visited previously are suggested. This behaviour remains in effect even when you have deleted the browsing history. This phenomenon results from the rather close connection Internet Explorer has with Windows search. Here, visited web pages are also suggested and options from the index are suggested when similar URLs are being typed in. This functional expansion exists in Internet Explorer 8 and even in Windows XP, despite Windows search being installed as an extra. Those who do not want their browsing history to be suggested can do away with this integration.
For this, open "Extras | Internet options" in Internet Explorer or click on the Settings symbol and then on "Internet options". Now click on the "Contents" tabs and then on the "Settings" button under "Auto-complete". Deactivate the option "Windows search for better search results" as well as—if available—"Suggest URLs". Further, you can choose to delete the auto-complete history and carry out adjustments in the following dialogue.

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