Monday, 21 January 2013

How to always get good quality youtube videos

I am gonna show you a small trick that will do all the wonders, and now you can always get good quality youtube videos .
Step1: Click to video that you want to see, the link will display on Address bar.
Example: Ne1l6VNkuLM
Step2: Add &fmt=6 to the end of that string. That address like: v=Ne1l6VNkuLM &fmt=6 Optional Step: To get more quality youtube video .Add &fmt=18 to the end of that string, you’ll have the best quality video with direct download link !
Example: v=Ne1l6VNkuLM &fmt=18
Appending &fmt=6 to the URL delivers a 448×336 resolution version of the video and appending &fmt=18 delivers a even better 480×360 resolution version. Its that simple, now you have learned a secret of hacking Youtube for Good quality videos.

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