Saturday, 12 January 2013

Tips To Fix And Format USB Flash Drives

An important precaution is not to remove the pen drive while the data is being transferred. Always remove the pen drive after stopping it . Go to ‘Safely remove hardware’ (green arrow icon art bottom right corner), stop the usb drive and when it says it is safe to remove it, then remove it.
Always check by opening your important files before that important presentation. If it does not open now, probably it will not open there also. If it works now, it should work there
also. If for some reason your file does not work. Transfer another copy of the file with a renamed version – it may work.. If you delete the file and retransfer the same file with the same name and size, it probably gets written to the same area and will not work. A different name with a different size gets written to another area and can work. Its better to transfers 2 copies of
your file anyway.

If you want the presentation to work on older computers (like Windows 98), do not forget to take the drivers CD which will allow such computers to recognize your plug and play usb drive. Always keep this invaluable CD handy, you never know when you encounter an older computer.


1. After going to My Computer ,

2. Right click the Removable drive,

3. Go to Properties –>Tools . Run Error Checking and Scan for errors and fix them.

The files that are corrupt or in bad sectors already will not work but at least the new transferred files should work.

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