Monday, 1 July 2013

How to batch correct photos with the same errors

If by mistake your camera’s automatic mode has led to your photographs being incorrectly exposed, processing all the defective photos may require several hours' worth of effort. However, you can easily correct all your photographs at one go by processing them as a batch. Batch processing is quite simple and is
completed in a matter of seconds. Many batch processing applications, actions and scripts come in handy in such cases. One of the best programs for image optimisation and correction is Adobe Lightroom. This application can fix similar defects in a batch of photos. To get started, import all the over/ underexposed photographs into the Library. You can choose to import only a few photos if you want to try out the software. In case of incorrect exposure, the histogram (at the top right corner) will be skewed towards the right or left— the bright areas may be over-exposed or the dim areas may be underexposed. Such an error can be easily corrected, just like rectifying noisy images. Once done, Lightroom will let you copy and apply the settings to the entire folder/ collection.

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