Wednesday, 24 July 2013

How to display notifications from Google+ in notification bar

If you do not frequently visit Google+, then you can use the Windows utility tool G+ Notifier to stay updated about what’s happening on the social network. You can download the tool from the site Download the latest zip fi le” and save the file “DanTup.GPlusNotifi”.
Extract the contained fi les and folders into any folder like for example “C:\ Programs\GPlusNotifi er”. Then open this folder in Windows Explorer and double-click on the file entry “DanTup.GPlusNotifier.exe”. It automatically opens a window in which you can view and change settings. Save the changes with “OK”. You will then have to log-in to your Google+ account. Next add a shortcut to “DanTup.GPlus Notifier.exe” in the “Autostart” folder of your ‘Start menu’. After that open the info area and click “Adjust”. Ensure that in “G+ Notifier”, the option “Display symbol and notifications” is active. You will see a symbol in the notification bar, you will be notified of new messages, comments, etc. Google + from here. Click on it to get detailed information.

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