Sunday, 28 July 2013

How to use Dropbox on the go

You can easily setup Dropbox to automatically synchronise its folder to exchange data between different computers. This works well, but requires you to set up Dropbox on your PCs, so you can’t use it on other computers. However, if you need to carry your Dropbox folder along, you can take it with you on a USB drive. The installer for the portable version of Dropbox is available for download at dbpahk.
First, extract the archive to any folder on your hard drive and run ‘DropboxPortableAHK.exe’. The program won't be installed but will run directly. After checking your Internet connection, specify the location of the Dropbox folder on your PC. Confirm the process by clicking ‘Next’. For the next step, you must be careful. Select the option ‘Previous Dropbox folder’ and then click the ‘Copy’ command to copy the folder that exists on your hard drive. Doing this lets you avoid downloading the folder’s contents again. Click ‘Next’; now all you have to do is just confirm the process. You might need to download some program components using the ‘Download Dropbox files’ button in the last step. Now select the desired icon for differentiating the normal Dropbox application from DropboxPortableAHK and click ‘Next’. Click ‘Start Dropbox setup’ in the new window and sign-in with your Use account name and password. To go ahead with the installation, select the setup
type ‘Upgrade’ and the option ‘I want to choose where to put my Dropbox’ in the next step. Then add the path to the existing Dropbox folder and proceed with the other steps. All your Dropbox data will now be saved under the program folder or the given relative path. This process can take some time. When the icon in the notification area signals that the process has been finished, end the program and
copy the entire folder to your USB drive. If you use another computer that doesn't have Dropbox installed, it will be enough to just run DropboxPortableAHK from the USB drive. The software will take some time to verify your user name and password, and sync the data. You can now use your Dropbox folder like it was on your own PC.
Whenever you're done, exit Dropbox using the notification area icon, and safely eject the USB drive to avoid losing data due to file system errors.

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