Friday, 19 July 2013

How to Display Flash contents in the IE 10 app in Windows 8

There are two versions of the Internet Explorer 10: the version started as app does not display Flash content by default and only allows this for specific websites saved in a whitelist. If you need Flash for other websites, then you must start the browser from the Desktop or will be redirected there by a note. But the desired URLs may be enabled in the file “IECompatData” in the profile.
For this, fi rst input “%userprofi le%” in the Windows Explorer address bar and press Enter. Navigate further to the folder “AppData\Local\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\IECompat- Data”.
Then right-click on “iecompatdata. xml” and select the context command “Edit”. You can even edit the file using another XML editor. Search the start area »<Flash>« and check the subsequent, alphabetically sorted entries. While a few standard websites are already contained, other known surfing destinations are missing. For example, “” exists but “” is missing. But you can add additional websites line-by-line in the form “<domain></domain>”. Then save the changes. Since this White list is possibly overwritten in case of updates, you should create a backup copy of this or manage the appropriate entries in a text file in order to be able to quickly add them again. In the end, you must delete the Browser cache. For this, start the app and press the key combination [Windows]+[I]. Click on “Delete” for this process.

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