Monday, 22 July 2013

How to remove stripes in a print image after refilling the cartridge

A frequent cause of printing problems after cartridge refills is air stuck in the print head itself. While filling and even while assembling and disassembling cartridges, some times tiny air bubbles enter into the print head. This is caused due to the air which can establish unwanted pressure on the print nozzles. Subsequently, these nozzles do not spray any ink on the paper and you get white, horizontal stripes on your prints. If you're facing such a problem, your printer's print head cleaning function may help you out. The cleaning utility builds a very distinctly higher print volume in order to clean out the air bubbles. A bit of ink is also reverse pumped by the vacuum in order to restore the ink flow. This procedure must sometimes be repeated to get clean prints consistently. Keep in mind that a lot of ink will be wasted if you repeat the steps and this is normal.

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