Monday, 24 June 2013

How to Add Pre-defined Events to Your Facebook Timline

Facebook offers a pre-defined event category which you can use to fill your Timeline with a virtual biography, thus providing your friends and contacts a glimpse into your life. Doing so is very easy.
First go to your profile page, and next to “Status”, you will find Life Event”, simply click on it. You will see the pre-defined events like Work & Education, Family & Relationships, Home & Living, Health & Wellbeing and Travel & Experiences. Each of these has several sub-categories. For instance, Health & Wellbeing has options like “Over came an illness”, “Quit a habit”, “Broken Bone”, etc. If you select “Broken bone” then Facebook will also ask you the body part you broke, where you were when you broke it and with whom. There is also an option to tell the story behind the
event and upload a picture. Once you have selected the event and filled in the necessary details, click on “Save” and the event will reflect on your Timeline.

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