Tuesday, 18 June 2013

How to Monitor Running Services Easily via PowerShell in Windows 7 and Vista

Your system often runs some unnecessary services constantly. These services consume memory and may result in poor performance of PC. However, a list of such services can be quite helpful in case you wish to get an informed opinion about what's eating up  your system resources. But to do this, you'll have to access the system control and that can get a bit labourious. But Windows PowerShell lets you generate an overview very quickly with a few linked commands. Start the tool by typing 'powershell' in the search field of the Start menu. The command 'Get-Service' immediately lists all services along with their respective status. You can restrict the services searched for with the parameter '-displayname', followed by the search term with placeholders like 'Google*'. To filter results further and to restrict the list to active services, use 'where {$_.status -eq Running}' separated by a vertical line. Finally, the output of the list can be exported to a text file with the command 'Export-Csv- Path (Insert path here)'. Again, separate this command from the 'Get-Service' one with a vertical line.

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