Thursday, 27 June 2013

How to Remove Public WLANs From the Android/ iOS Device Memory

Once a public Wi-Fi network has been used, its access data like SSID and password remain stored in
the device. This enables your device to automatically access the network whenever you're in range. This means that there is a danger of you unwittingly logging-in to the same or another unprotected WLAN with the same SSID. This is possible because simple titles or brand names are frequently used for Wi-Fi networks' SSIDs.
But in any case, you must avoid surfing when connected to an unprotected Wi-Fi network to avoid off ering hackers an opportunity to attack. For removing such WLAN access data on your iOS device, go to 'Settings | WLAN', and click on the arrow on the right next to the concerned network. Now choose 'Ignore this network'. In Android, open the Settings menu and go to 'Wireless & Networks | Wi-Fi'. Select and hold the concerned network and then select 'Forget network'.

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