Wednesday, 26 June 2013

How to Send Text From Internet to Amazon's Kindle

If you want you can send text messages to a Kindle device from the Internet with the free tool—Send to Kindle. This tool is available for PC, Mac and Android devices. There's also a plug-in for Google Chrome. You can download it from If you want to load the plug-in for Google Chrome—go to the Chrome Webstore, and search for Send to Kindle for Google Chrome. Once you have it installed, log in with your Amazon account. Click on ‘Start Now’, specify the settings and click 'Save'. You can stay logged-in for as long as you wish. To log out, simply go the Menu option. After the installation, to the right side near the address field in the browser, you will find a small button with an orange coloured ‘K’ on a black background. If you chance upon an Internet page which you find particularly interesting, but don't have the time to go through it, simply click on this button. In the following menu, just select the desired action— Send to Kindle, Preview & Send or Send Selected Text.

NOTE: The desktop versions add a command—Send to Kindle in the Windows version, or in case of a Mac, a special printer driver.

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