Sunday, 23 June 2013

How to Control the Number of Notifications on Facebook

Facebook is an excellent place to connect with friends, constant updates can distract you and leave you exasperated. Fortunately, Facebook allows you to control the kind of updates you receive from individuals. You can do so at two levels. Firstly, you can create lists and classify people in them. For instance, you can create a list of your close friends, acquaintances, office colleagues, relatives, etc. and sort your contacts accordingly. Now click on the option ‘More’, which is on the right of your homepage, and select the option ‘Friends’. You will see all the lists you have created under this header. From here you can click a list and Facebook will display updates only from the people
on that list.
However, you may have a person on the list who habitually posts irrelevant content that may clog your news feed. In such cases, you can choose what kind of updates you wish to receive from a particular individual. To do so, click on the down arrow next to the post. Click on ‘Hide’. This action will hide the current post and then it will show you two options ‘Change what updates you get…’ and ‘Organise who you see in News Feed’. With the help of the first option you can control the kind of updates you want to receive: you can either choose ‘All Updates’, ‘Most Updates’ or ‘Only Important Updates. You can also choose the events you want to be notified about, like ‘Comments and Likes’, ‘Gaming activities’, ‘Photos’, etc. Select the things you want to be notified about and only those posts will be visible on your Timeline. The second option is similar to the first method, but with this the choice you make is a permanent one. You can add the person to one of the lists and you will have a lower number of updates from people on that list.

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