Monday, 17 June 2013

How to Copy Data Quickly Flexibly

Copying very large files to a network drive can hinder performance and can be time consuming function. However, with a tool like TeraCopy, you can accomplish such tasks faster thanks to optimised asynchronous copying. Moreover, ongoing processes—as in Windows—can be paused if you need the bandwidth for something else at that time. You can find TeraCopy with a quick Google search. After the installation, the freeware integrates itself into the system and is available in Explorer in the context menu for files and folders. In addition, TeraCopy establishes itself as the default application for copying. You can, however, turn it off . To do this, open the program window, click on 'More' and then open 'Menu Options'. Here, deactivate the setting 'TeraCopy as standard for copying' and confirm with 'OK'. After this, Windows' stock copy function will be used and you can use TeraCopy by selecting it from the context menu. For copying, mark the elements as usual in Explorer and then select the context command 'TeraCopy'. Switch the mode between 'Copy' and 'Move' by clicking on the symbol. Using 'Browse', then navigate to the target folder or select 'Last used'. Once you do this the copy/move function will start automatically. Sortable folders are restricted to the paid, pro-version.

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