Friday, 21 June 2013

How to Boost Graphics Performance with with Optimal Settings

You can increase up to 40 percent more 3D performance from your Nvidia graphics cards without installing new drivers or dangerous overclocking. Keep in mind that you will be sacrificing image quality for the boost in performance. Changes can be made through the Nvidia system control panel.
To open the control panel, right-click on the desktop and click on ‘Nvidia system settings’. Now under the section ‘3D settings’, click on the tab ‘Program settings’ and find your 3D game. Change
the settings as follows:

􀁘 Anisotropic filtering: 16x
􀁘 Antialiasing - transparency: Off
􀁘 Triple buffer: Off
􀁘 Energy Management mode: select maximum power
􀁘 Maximum number of pre-rendered single images: lowest value
􀁘 Multi-display acceleration: single display- power mode
􀁘 Texture filtering - anisotropic scan optimization: Off
􀁘 Texture filtering - negative LOD bias: Clamp
􀁘 Texture filtering - power: quality
􀁘 Texture filtering - tri-linear
Texture filtering - anisotropic filter optimization: Off
􀁘 Threaded optimization: On
􀁘 Vertical synchronization: Automatically off
􀁘 PhysX: CPU
Save and close the Nvidia control panel once you're done so that all settings are accepted.

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