Tuesday, 11 June 2013

How to Read and Listen Music on Kindle at the Same Time

The Kindle Keyboard and Kindle Touch allows you to directly load MP3 files onto the Reader, so you can listen music while reading. Connect your Reader to your computer via USB and copy the MP3 files which you want as background music in a new folder directly in the home directory of the Reader. Once done, detach the device from the PC, tap on >>Menu>>Beta Functions>>MP3 Player.
The player will appear on the lower edge of the display. While reading, you can access the player by tapping on the upper edge of the display. Regular menu options will appear along with the player
For the Kindle Keyboard, use >> Home>>Menu>>Experimental >>Play music. The Kindle Keyboard gives you a fade-in menu of an MP3 player, so that the player can be controlled by a key combination. You can start and stop the playback with [Alt] + [Space bar]. And you can choose the next track with [Alt] + [F].
Note that Kindle Keyboard and Kindle Touch will only play tracks in the order in which you have copied them. There’s no shuffle or playlist feature. The devices only support music in MP3 format.

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