Tuesday, 4 June 2013

How to Use the ‘Address’ Toolbar in the Task Bar

Generally, you start programs like the Registry Editor by typing its name in the Start menu’s search field, which also doubles as the ‘Run...’ dialogue. However, Windows also gives you an option to
integrate similar functionality directly in the taskbar.
For doing so, click the bar with the right mouse button and select the option ‘Toolbars’ from the context menu and then click on ‘Address’. Now, an input field just like the one used for typing in websites in Internet Explorer appears. This comparison is appropriate since you can enter any website name here and open it with [Enter]. Your default browser opens and loads the desired page. However, if you enter a program name like ‘regedit.exe’ or ‘calc.exe’, then the operating system will run the desired tool. The program file must be located in the default system folders or the system will ask you to specify the program's complete path.
NOTE: If desired, you can reposition the input field on the taskbar by clicking it with the right mouse button and removing the tick in front of the ‘Lock toolbar’ option. Drag the checkered line on the left side of the field to resize or relocate it. You can lock the taskbar after you're done.

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