Monday, 26 August 2013

How to copy formatting across documents easily in MS office

In some cases, you may need to copy just the formatting to another document, not the content. In Word and PowerPoint, you can do this easily with the key combination [Ctrl]+[Alt]+[C] for copying, and [Ctrl]+[Alt]+[V] for pasting the formatting. These shortcuts also work in Outlook because Word serves as its default text editor. Or, you have to use the menu bar.
First click in the section which has the desired formatting and then, in the menu bar, click on the "Format Painter" button. This button will be represented by a paint brush symbol in the "Clipboard" section. Now, in the document, click in the paragraph to apply the formatting. If you want to copy the format to several elements, double-click on the Format Painter button. The paint brush symbol will now remain in place at the mouse pointer until you quit the mode by pressing the [Esc] key. This is somewhat more difficult to do in Excel. The convenient key combinations don't work here, although you can also execute the relevant command through the menu bar using the keyboard and a series of access keys. To do this, copy the cells with the output format using the key combination [Ctrl]+[C]. Then, in the "Start" button at the top, click on "Clipboard" under the "Insert" option. Now, select the first symbol in the "More insert options" section. You can also carry out this process using the keyboard by consequently pressing the keys [Alt], [R], [V] and [R].

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