Saturday, 17 August 2013

How to place images from Flickr or Picasa as your screensaver in Windows XP/Vista/7

Your screensaver can display many images, but if you want to personalize it a bit, you can use your Flickr or Picasa albums as a screensaver. Flickr offers an RSS feed with photos, but to integrate it with Windows, you need a suitable screensaver that uses data from an RSS feed. For this, you can use Google Photos Screensaver, which you can download with Picasa.
CAUTION: While installing Picasa, remember to deactivate all unnecessary settings or the viewer if you do not want to use it. After the installation, navigate to "C:\windows\system32" and look for the file "gphotos.scr". Create a backup copy of this file in another location. If you do not want to use Picasa, you can uninstall the program. Once you're done, copy the backup fi le "gphotos.scr" to the system folder once more.
To set up the screensaver, click on "Appearance and Personalization" in the control panel and then on "Change screensaver" in the "Personalization" section. Now, select "Google screensaver" from the drop-down box and click on "Settings". Here, click on the "Configure" button to activate sources for the screensaver, including "Picasa", "Photos from specific folders on my computer", or "Photos from public websites". You can specify the sources for each option with the "Configure" button. To set your Flickr images, click on "Photos from public websites" and then on "Configure". Now enter the URL for the Flickr feed in the "Other photo feed sources" box and click on "Add".
After a short test, the entry will appear in the list and inform you of whether it can access Flickr. You can add and activate several feeds to add different sources. Confirm the changes with "OK". Lastly, set the visual effects, the time each image should be displayed for and choose to display captions. Close the dialogue by clicking on the "OK" button.
NOTE: The feeds load only 20 images and stores them temporarily on your machine. To get new images again, you must empty the Cache folder in your user profi le regularly. To do this, open the user profi le in Windows Explorer and navigate to the folder "AppData\Local\ Google\GBScreensaver\imgcache". Delete the existing JPG fi les so that new ones are automatically loaded.

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