Saturday, 3 August 2013

How to set up Windows file sharing in a few simple steps

The process of setting up Windows file sharing can be simplified with a step-by-step wizard. To run the wizard, type 'shrpubw' in the Windows 'Run...' dialogue box and press [Enter] to execute it. Click 'Next', navigate with 'Search' to the desired path, 'Open' it, and again click 'Next'.
Now you can change the 'Share name' and 'Description'. In the next step, quickly define all intended permissions such as 'All users have write-protected access'. On the other hand, to make individual exceptions, select 'Edit permissions' and then click 'User defined'. Then make the desired detailed settings and confirm these with 'OK'. After clicking 'Complete', you will see a summary of the shared folders' permissions for you to double-check them.
In order to remove a share, use the context menu of the folder. Use the 'Sharing' option and disable the options you see in the dialogue box.

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