Friday, 16 August 2013

How to pass on the same IP addresses from an older device to a new one

Whenever you replace a device in your network with a new model, you usually have to change the configurations in all the other devices so that they work properly in tandem again. But you don't really have to go through all that trouble. You can choose not to change the configurations of the other devices in your network by assigning the new device the IP address of the previous device. But it's often the case that your router registers the IP address of the old device and does not give you an option in the configuration menu to reset this. In order to solve the problem, make sure that the old device is no longer connected to the network.
Now go to the network settings of the new device and ensure that this device is connected to your home network. Now deactivate the option “DHCP” or “Get network address automatically” in the menu of the new network device. Now enter the desired IP address as a static IP address and restart the device. Verify in the router menu whether the device is visible with the IP address you entered. If
your router offers the option, check the option to “always allocate the same IP address to this device”. Subsequently, go to the network menu of the new device and switch on the DHCP. The router shall henceforth allocate the desired address to your network device and you will not need to change the configuration of the other devices in the network.

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