Wednesday, 28 August 2013

How to update fields in large sized documents in MS word 2007/2010

In larger documents, in addition to the table of contents, you may also use an index and cross references that refer back to the chapter and/or page number they link to. Before you forward such a document or convert it to PDF, you might wish to ensure that all references also contain the correct values. You can right-click on each field or directory and then manually update the links with the "Update fields" context command. This may work for a table of contents, but is not feasible for numerous cross-references. It would be quicker to select the entire text with the key combination [Ctrl]+[A] and then update the fields using F9. But even this method is imperfect because it does not include fields in areas like headers and footers.
Now instead of manually adjusting all sections, you can use a trick for the same. First, go to "File | Options" and select the "Display" option to the left.
Then, open "Print options" and activate the setting "Update fields before printing" and confirm your
changes with "OK". Now, using the "File | Print" command, open the print preview. That will be enough to refresh the field contents. You do not need to actually print the document; click "Cancel" on the print dialogue box. Now save the text.

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