Sunday, 25 August 2013

How to write write emails faster with the help of templates in MS Outlook

In order to create a template in Outlook, first begin writing an email. Before sending it, use the option "File | Save as". In the following dialogue box, change the file type to "Outlook template". The target folder automatically changes to template folder. Now, enter the name for the new template and click on "Save". You can now send your mail if required. In the future, you can write new emails much faster on the basis of such pre-defined templates. However, opening a template will need you to go deep into the menus. Click "File", then "New" and then "Choose Form". Here you will find some internal templates ready to be selected. In the "Look In" drop-down box, choose "User Templates in the File System". You will find the OFT files you had created stored here, and can open these by selecting "Open". Their contents can be supplemented or changed as required before you send the mail.

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