Monday, 5 August 2013

How to restart router with new IP address

If a website refuses to let you download files, you can try changing your IP address. If your router supports UPnP (Universal plug and play), use the freeware “Router reconnect” to switch your IP. This software saves you from having to restart the router every time you want to reset your IP address. Get the utility from here: http:// Extract the package, type “cmd” in the search field of the Start menu and open the command prompt. Navigate to where you extracted the utility and run “Router reconnect.exe”. Check the output messages. If the program is compatible with your router, you’ll see an indication to the identified router. Then you can set up the connection and even program a fi le to facilitate reconnections.
NOTE: Router Reconnect is not compatible with all routers. Instead of the router restarting, the tool may deactivate the LAN, making connecting to the Internet impossible. If this happens, click on “Network and Internet” in the Control Panel, and then go to “Network and release center”. Follow the link “Change adapter settings” and click the disconnected LAN connection with right mouse button and select the option “Activate”. You can now connect to the Internet again, but you won't be able to install the tool.

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