Wednesday, 14 August 2013

How to troubleshoot memory sticks not appearing as drives

Sometimes USB stick will blink when inserted into a USB drive on the PC and appear as a removable drive in the My Computer folder, but Windows reports that the drive is not inserted and does not assign any character or drive label to it. This is mostly due to the drive having a corrupted file system. First verify whether the file system can be read on the stick. If you are sure that the drive was not used earlier in a Linux or Apple computer, then you can assume that a partition has not been created on the stick or the existing partition has been damaged. Your computer may also consider the USB stick as a removable hard disk. You must therefore ensure that all partitions on the stick are properly formatted and the partition table is intact. Open the Windows disk management utility by right-clicking on “My computer” and selecting “Manage”. Now click on ‘Disk Management’ and check whether the USB stick appears as a formatted partition or whether it is accessible. You could have accidentally deleted the partition tables on the stick or the partition tables were damaged.
Right-click on any unallocated space on the flash drive and select the option "New partition" to create a partition on the stick. Any data available on the stick will now be deleted and the wizard will begin
formatting the disk. If you have special requirements such as a specific cluster size, you can format the drive manually.

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