Tuesday, 6 August 2013

How to customise keyboard shortcuts in Word 2007-10

If you work in Word frequently, then it makes sense to customise certain functions that you use frequently. Having a keyboard shortcut will save you a lot of time. While it’s true that Word already has keyboard shortcuts for some common tasks, they may be too complicated. You can customise these shortcuts too.
For instance, if you are working on a whitepaper and need to add references, then you can create a keyboard shortcut for it. Click on the Office button, and then click on ‘Word Options’. Here you will find the ‘Customize’ tab on the left. Now click on the Customise button next to ‘Keyboard Shortcuts” at the bottom.
The new dialogue box will have the main commands on the left, from here select the tab your command resides in. You will now see all the functions you can assign to the command. Once you select the function, if there is an existing command then the same will be visible in the left box at the bottom. On the right you can add the new custom command and click on ‘Assign’ to designate it.

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