Wednesday, 11 September 2013

How not to miss out on important Tweets

Depending on the number of people you follow on Twitter, your Twitter timeline is bound to be flooded with hundreds of tweets every day. In this deluge of Tweets, it’s quite possible that you may miss out on some important ones, or something that might interest you. If you want to keep a track of tweets, then you can use services that will alert you to tweets from people or topics that you follow. One such service is Tweet Alarm.

Go to and create a new account. When registering, you will have to provide your Twitter handle and the keywords that you want to keep track of. You can add and remove words
whenever you want. If you want to ignore tweets from some people, then you have the option to create a list for that as well. Simply add the keywords separated by a comma, and click on "Add". Once you connect your Twitter account to the site, you will also receive alerts about new followers and people who've unfollowed you. You will receive all the information you have requested via email. You also have an option to manage the frequency of email alerts. You can choose between daily, weekly or as often as the service finds relevant tweets.

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