Sunday, 8 September 2013

How to use cross-references in large documents for easy navigation in MS Word

When you are working with large Word documents, it often gets difficult to find the desired information and you may have to leaf through the complete document. Instead, to aid navigation and easily access required information, you can add cross-references. A cross-reference will act as a link that will point you directly to the referenced sub-head or section.
To add cross-references, click on the "References" tab. Here, you will find the option "Cross-reference" in the "Captions" section. Place the cursor next to where you want to add the cross-reference and click on "Cross-reference". You can provide a cross-reference to Numbered items, Headings, Bookmarks, Equations, Figures, Tables, etc. After you select the item you want to refer to, the dialogue will show you all the items.
For instance, if you select a "Numbered Item", then you will see all the items that are numbered in a list below. You should now select the item you want to refer to. Next you will have to select the information you want to insert in the document from the "Insert Reference to" box. Check the "Insert as hyperlink" box, as it will allow users to jump to the referenced item upon clicking the link. Click on "Insert" to complete the action. When you come across a cross-referenced marker in the document, hold down [Control] and then click on the hyperlink to go directly to the section of the document that is being referred to.

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