Thursday, 5 September 2013

How to use functions of Modern UI from the desktop in Windows 8

The application utility Start Charming is a package of three small tools that improve how Windows 8's Modern UI and desktop view work. You can find it on this link: The tool will
install three programs—Charms Button, Charms Tray and Start Charming. Clicking the link “Start Charming” will activate the new mode, which will display the Modern UI with the Windows button
as a configurable area on the desktop. Click the link “Stop Charming" to go back to the normal view. However, this display is a matter of taste and offers no real advantages. The buttons in the information area of the taskbar are useful for this. In order to keep it visible, click the small arrow next to the information area and select “Adjust”. Now select the entry “Displays symbols and information” and confirm the dialogue box by clicking “OK”. You can now click the permanently visible symbol to display the Charms bar on the desktop.

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