Tuesday, 17 September 2013

How to know any unknown activity in gmail account to avaoid hacking

In Gmail, you can also monitor your account activity easily, which can help you to avoid hacking, but not many of you are aware of it or don't know how to fully utilize it. You will find this information at the bottom of the Gmail webpage.
Using this option, you may find many useful details in it including :

1. Which web browser was used to open / check email account.
2. If any software / web service tried to pull some information from your account, it will be listed in the list.
3. How the email account was accessed (PC or Mobile).
4. The location (Country / City) from where the Inbox was accessed.
5. The IP address of the PC
6. Time and Date when it was last accessed.

After viewing these details, you can easily identify whether anyone else has accessed your account or not. Most importantly, the information is displayed in such a way in the Activity information log that any person can read it and identify unusual / suspicious activity.


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