Friday, 6 September 2013

How to check the amount of memory used by extensions in Firefox

Firefox tends to get sluggish after a period of time. The reason behind this could be the large number of extensions and add-ons that you may have installed. The memory used by these can considerably slow down your browser. There is a way to find out which extensions and add-ons hog resources. You will have to install an extension for that. You can install the extension from: addons. memory/. Click on "Add to Firefox" and confirm by clicking on ‘Install’. You will not need to restart the browser.
To check which extensions are hogging resources, type “about:addons-memory” in the address bar and hit [Enter]. It will list all the extensions that you have installed and the memory used by them. You can then get rid of the extensions that are hogging the resources. This tool is especially useful if you have too many add-ons installed in your browser.

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