Wednesday, 4 September 2013

How to deactivate the lock screen for quick access in Windows 8

The lock screen is included in Windows 8 as an additional security measure. You must first click there or press a button to go to the logon screen. But if you find it troublesome, you can deactivate the lock screen to quickly go to the logon screen. You will need to make some changes to the Windows registry to enable this. Change to the Desktop view and press the buttons [Windows] + [R]. Now enter “regedit”, press [Enter] and confirm the user account control dialogue box by clicking “Yes”. Navigate to the key “HKEY_LOCAL_MACINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\ Microsoft\Windows\Personalization”. If the subkey “Personalization” is still not available, create it with the command “Process | New | Key”. Once done, click on the right-hand panel and open the option “Process | New DWORD value”. Name the new value “NoLockScreen” and press [Enter]. Double-click the new entry, change its “Value” to “1”, and confirm the changes by clicking “OK”. Now close the registry. The lock screen has been disabled and the logon screen will be presented when you next start the system.

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