Monday, 16 September 2013

Save power with GO Power Master in your Android device

A great application that lets you take control of your power usage quickly and easily
GO Power Master is a great and simple-to-use battery optimisation app that gives you a score based on how well your phone is using its energy. You can tweak a lot of settings straight from the app, including the brightness of your screen and which connections you have running, as well as creating your own custom battery profiles to make your own specific battery saving routine. There are lot of tweaks and changes you can make with GO Power Master, so here we will inform you about getting the app set up and running your first optimization check.
Get the app set up
Once you’ve downloaded the app, run it. You’ll notice a battery level indicator appears in your notifications bar and that the app gives you a score. If the score is green you’re doing fine, if it’s
not, you’ll need to do some work.
Run your first check
Tap on the button that says Optimize Now. This might take a few seconds, but it’s running a check to see what apps and connections you have running, and to see the quality of your battery. Your score should go up a little afterwards.
Go a little deeper
Underneath the new score you’ll see a series of suggestions for making things smoother. Some you’ll want to keep running, others are pretty smart, like turning off Wi-Fi when your screen is off. Tick boxes to see your score go up.
Still facing a problem?
If you’re still having a problem you might find that there’s something wrong with your battery itself. Head to the Tool tab and tap on Battery Info. This will give you a breakdown of your battery and tell you if it needs replacing.

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