Monday, 9 September 2013

How to come to know about new book releases on Kindle

If you like to buy and read rare books from Amazon's ebook store on the Kindle, you must wait for them to make it to the store. But instead of checking regularly if Amazon offers the book for Kindle, you can delegate this task to the free service, This is a German site, but you can use Google to translate the website into English for you.
Open the website and enter the ten-digit ISBN number of the book you're looking for under the "ISBN-10 / ASIN of the book:" field. You can find this number on Amazon under "Product information" or on the book's website. Next, enter your email address in the "Email alert for:" field
and confirm your request by hitting the "Settings eBookWatch" button.
The service regularly checks whether Amazon has announced the specified book for Kindle. If the book has been released for Kindle, the site will then inform you on the email address you had provided. The site will email you a link to the book you mentioned, and another link with which you can prevent the site from sending you messages in the future if you don’t want to avail of the service any longer.
NOTE: You can also use the link "Bookmarklet" given on If you use Firefox or Safari, click on "Install eBookWatch", click on and hold the link with the right-mouse button and drag it to the bookmark bar of the browser. This lets you add books that you want to keep an eye out for to from the Product information page of any book you look up on Amazon.

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