Monday, 2 September 2013

How to configure the logon menu to give you additional options in Windows -7/8

The Windows logon screen suggests an accessibility symbol to make it easy for impaired users to log-in, but most of us barely even notice it. However, you can make it more useful by having it show applications and input options with the help of a free tool and some tweaks. The tool you need is called Ease of Access Replacer and can be found on this link:

Before you can use the tool, you must allow Windows access to the relevant file. To do this, open the folder “C:\Windows\ System32” in Windows Explorer and search for the file “utilman.exe”. This file is called up from the logon screen and must be replaced. You need administrator access to
make this change.

Right click on “utilman.exe” and select the context command “Properties”. Now, click in the section “Safety”, click on “Expand” and activate the field “Owner”. Select “Administrators” in the list below
and confirm the selection by clicking on “Accept” and then on “OK”. Now click again in the section “Safety” and then on “Process”. Select the group name “Administrators”. In the list below, select the option “Approve” in the row “Full access”. Confirm that with “Apply” as well as “OK”, and close the dialogue. Now open the folder you unzipped earlier in Windows Explorer. In the sub-folder, “EOAR”, right click on “EOAR Setup.exe” and select the context command “Run as administrator”. Confirm the user account control dialogue box by clicking on “Yes”, and in the following dialogue, deactivate the option for the restore point because only the file “util.exe” is replaced and the original file will be backed-up. Now click on “Install”.

If the process ends with an error message, you have not changed the necessary authorizations correctly. If the process runs successfully, you will see the file “utilman.exe” with another symbol and only 191KB in size. For the new functions, click on the accessibility symbol on the logon screen. A small dialogue with some useful features will now be available.

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