Tuesday, 10 September 2013

How to keep tabs on your child’s activity on social networking sites

As a parent, it is quite natural to be concerned about children's safety online. But children may not want to give you access to their social networking accounts, and might mistake your concern as intrusion into their lives. In such a scenario, you can take help of applications such as Social Media Child Protection (SMCP). This application is available for Android and iOS, and lets you monitor basic data about your child’s account.
After you install the app on your smartphone, you will have to enter the login ID and password of your child’s Facebook and Twitter accounts. You can ask your child to key in the login details of their accounts; this way they won’t have to worry about you knowing the password. The app will then monitor the registered accounts. It will provide you with information such as incoming and outgoing friend requests on Facebook; pictures on their timeline; messages with people not on the Friends list; and who they're following on Twitter. However, it won’t let you access any conversations they have. This app provides you with a perfect way to keep a tab on your child’s activity on social networking sites, without needing to be connected with them.

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